29th September: World Heart Day

This year, World Heart Day is focussing on how environments influence the health of our hearts.


The World Heart Day website gives advice on a household, community and national level. So individuals are encourage to create a heart healthy home, stocked with fresh food not high in salt, fat or sugar, to decrease time sat in front of the television in favour of more active pastimes and to ban smoking from the home. In addition, individuals are encourages to visit health practitioners for screening tests, such as blood pressure measurements.

On a community level, there is a focus on petitioning for good street lighting and outdoor play areas, for catering provision to be healthy and for schools to provide enough physical education. Individual intervention in the community could include taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking or cycling to work instead of using the car or bus and asking directly for healthy food and smoking bans.

On  a national level, the responsibility to provide heart healthy environments falls on the policy makers. We've got links over on our publications page to articles about policies that could change to decrease not only CVD but other NCDs like diabetes and cancer.

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