Asfari Foundation Fellowships

Opportunity to study on Masters courses in the UK

The Asfari Foundation support eligible students from Syria, Palestine and the Lebanon in studying selected Masters courses at Universities in the UK. Take a look

Scholarships are available at the following universities for the following courses:


Further information on the scholarships can be found through the indicated links to the universities’ websites. A summary of the application and selection procedures is below.

To qualify you must satisfy all of the criteria:

1. You are Syrian, Palestinian or Lebanese

2. You have resident in Syria, Palestine or Lebanon, or have recently moved elsewhere in the region (including displaced Syrians in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq  or Jordan; Palestinians living in Syria or Lebanon; and Palestinian citizens of Israel)

3. You have received an unconditional offer on or before 31st March 2015 for a one year taught Master's course at one of the Foundation's partner universities.

4. You have met the English language requirements of the university

5. You are under 40 years old

6. You intend to invest your skills in the region after graduation

7. If you have had fewer opportunities you may receive priority.