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NETPH is a Public Health Network, with news, events, relevant publications and training materials for researchers. Our focus is on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).


 NETPH was set up by the MedCHAMPS and RESCAP-Med consortium. We are proud to share our collective publications

from the consortium, covering research design, epidemiology of non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus, health systems analysis, policy, economic evaluation, cross country comparisons, tobacco use and smoking, and obesity.


Socio-political challenges in the Mediterranean region: Implications for Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) prevention and control

We are pleased to announce video recordings from our Symposium: "Socio-political challenges in the Mediterranean region: Implications for Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) prevention and control", which took place in Beirut, Lebanon on the 2nd-4th December 2014.


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IDFGlobal Atlas of Diabetes prevalence. The MENA region is burdened by high levels of diabetes and increasing risk of developing diabetes. Almost half of those with diabetes are undiagnosed.

The highest prevalence of DM in the MENA region is 20.5%, in Saudi Arabia - more than 1 in 5. Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar and Sudan all have a DM prevalence over 15%. The mean prevalence in the region is 9.7% - second only to the North America and Caribbean region

Posters in English, French and Spanish are currently available and will be available in Arabic in the near future


CVD risk factor trends in the Eastern Mediterranean region

The MED-CHAMPs team have produced a paper, reporting alarming trends in cardivascular risk in Palestine, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey. Both body mass index and diabetes mellitus rates increased in all four countries over the period 1995-2009 (click the left image to see it expanded). Trends in smoking, systolic blood pressure and cholesterol levels were more mixed. Authors point to increased dietary energy intake, sedentary lifestyles and reduced physical activity as leading to this problem.

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squandering_newsNCDs in displaced populations

We have started a section about NCDs in displaced populations. The health consequences of conflict are many and complex.

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