Validated Instruments

A list of validated instruments for use in Public Health research.

These instruments have a set of conditions that ensure validity. The conditions are usually spelt out clearly.

By including these instruments, NETPH makes no statement about a tools superiority over another. If you know of a validated instrument that is missing from the list, please email the contact at the bottom of the page.


Euroqol's instruments are widely used to measure health outcome. Many translations are already available for written data collection, and there are different length instruments. 


STEPS is a surveillance tool with many modules to assess the demography and behaviour of a population. These include: Physical activity, Smoking, Alcohol, Diet & Socioeconomic data. Extra modules cover specific areas of interest such as Dietary Salt and Mental Health. There is also a set of instruments to look specifically at stroke. Translations in English, French, Spanish and Russian are available to download directly from the site, and it is suggested you contact the STEPS team to check availability of other versions (email

 International Physical Activity Questionnaire

The International Physical Activity Questionnaire measures physical activity and inactivity. It has been translated into several languages, including Arabic and Turkish and has been used in Eastern Mediterranean countries.


Indian Diabetes Risk Score

This risk score for Diabetes has been validated in India. You can find examples of it by searching for publications on "Mohan's Risk score" or "Indian Diabetes Risk Score". The score seemed well laid out in the link above


The FINDRISC risk score for diabetes has been validated in Finland.