Advanced Epidemiology and Modelling Course

Study Designs in Epidemiology
An overview of different study designs and how to decide which to use
Sample size and sample size calculations Sampling methods
Validity and Precision
Accuracy, precision, reliability and validity. Cronbach's alpha, strategies for enhancing accuracy and strategies for enhancing precision
Exercise - Sensitivity and Specificity
Confounding Bias
Different types of bias, and ways to try and reduce it
choosing the right analysis to look at effect modifiers/ interactions
Designing a study
Using the TANDEM study as a case, looking at the process of designing a study
Exercise - Study design
Exercise relating to study design TANDEM case
Logistic Regression
Survival analysis
Kaplan Meier product limit estimates of survival. Cox proportional hazards model
Poisson Regression
Poisson Regression further reading 2
A Modified Poisson regression approach to prospective studies with binary data
Poisson Regression further reading 1
Comparison of robustness to outliers between robust poisson models & log-binomial models when estimating relative risks for binary outcomes: a simulation study
Multilevel modelling
Introduction to multilevel modelling
An example: The IMPACT Model
Markov models: Theory
Economics Concepts useful in Modelling
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