Habiba Ben Romdhane is member of the Health Technical Group of the Sustainable Development, Solutions Network  A Global Initiative For the United Nations.  She participated to the development of the Technical Report for the Post-2015 Development Agenda

The mandate of the Technical Group on Health is:

1)    To prepare a policy brief on ‘Health for All,’ commenting on the potential Health goals for submission to the UN Secretary General’s office as part of the report submitted by the Leadership Council of the SDSN.
2)    To prepare a more detailed document, amplifying the evidence for goals prioritized by the SDSN and profiling the intersection of those goals with other development goals for submission to the UN.
3)    To continue to engage with the UN process for framing the post-2015 SDGs on health between September 2013 and September 2015.
4)    Identify and appraise innovations of transformational value in advancing the health MDGs and future SDGs, with an emphasis on both health system interventions and multi-sectoral initiatives.
5)    To work with the Leadership Council of the SDSN in building and strengthening institutional networks that will align with and assist in the implementation of the SDGs in the post-2015 phase of global development.
The technical Group on Health for All aims to review the global evidence related to health and its relevance to sustainable development, link health to the social determinants influenced by other sectors and identify pathways by which universal access to health can be advanced across the world. Through this effort, the TG aims to assist in the vision for a better world in the 21st century, wherein all people on earth can benefit from the fruits of sustainable development and lead long and productive lives enriched by health and wellbeing at all ages.