MENA Health Policy Forum (HPF)

Habiba Ben Romdhane and Awad Mataria are members of  MENA Health Policy Forum. They participated to the  Annual Regional Meeting November 23-24, 2013 , Istanbul Turkey

MENA Health Policy Forum (HPF) was established in 2008 as an independent, non‐profit organization, with membership drawn from health policy researchers and experts from the  MENA countries. Its mission is to contribute to the development of effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable policies that improve health and that mitigate adverse consequences of ill health, particularly for those who are most disadvantaged. It should be noted that the Forum is currently the only independent nongovernmental health policy network in existence covering the MENA region.

HPF is now in its fifth year of formal operation. Over the last year, the Forum has doubled  its membership to currently comprise over 70 health policy experts and researchers, including a range of relevant disciplines, from the middle and lower income countries of the region and from actual and potential sponsors. 

HPF supports policy-relevant research and analysis, regional and country-level capacity building for policy-making, and networking and knowledge exchanges in health policy among its constituents. To this end, HPF seeks to influence policy development and  dialogue by commissioning and disseminating high quality original policy‐relevant research and analysis; building  national and regional capacity for sound  independent policy relevant research and analysis; and  facilitating networking and exchange of ideas and experiences amongst those with an interest in health policy. 

 The objectives of the annual meeting included:

•    To understand the future of health system strengthening in the MENA region, and clarify MENA  HFP’s role
•    To develop new insights and understanding in health policy research within the current political economy context
•    To discuss opportunities and challenges related to creating a research policy evidence hub in the  region
•    To identify priority areas focus for MENA HFP’s core functions in research, analysis and networking

During this meeting, 4 papers were discussed

1.Paving the way for Fairness & Accountability: The Political Economy of Health Policy in the MENA Region
Alejandra Gonzalez‐Rossetti, PhD
Emily Felt, MSc

Nadeem Alduaij MD MPH Founder & President, SAHA Institute
Board Member, MENA Health Policy Forum
Adjunct Faculty, UAE University

3.WHO Strategy to move toward Universal Health Coverage in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Health Economist, WHO-EMRO

4.Fairness and Accountability: Engaging in Health Systems in the Middle East and North Africa (2013‐2018)